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After the Irish famine (1850) and numerous economic problems until the 1950s, there was continuous migration of impoverished Irish into Britain who tended to form into groups in and around industrial areas of Britain many shedding their Catholic beliefs to disassociate themselves from their past humble origins. This is from where the Roffey family found its roots, mainly staying amongst themselves up until the last war.

Molly was from these people, she spent her earlier childhood with ten other siblings in very poor conditions sometimes living as a family on the streets and making a living there too. Selling family made items like toffee apples and paper flowers, amongst many ways they did to survive. They were all poorly educated of course, Molly taught herself later in her life, and many of her brothers and sisters died of TB, and three at least we know of. This was the norm at the time for her social economic group.

Molly spent the Second World War living mostly in the underground railway on Clapham; she was a cake baker and decorator at this stage.

She married Edward (Goliath) Lang later in the war and had two children she managed to educated and imposed high values upon. Because of her experience living in bombed out London during the war, she always carried all her essential documents, insurance papers, birth certificates, and papers in her hand bag, she continued this practice right up until she died in Tasmania where her children had settled, her granddaughter went on to university.

As you can imagine, she was extremely entrepreneurial throughout her life, because of her earlier life and she was adept as surviving and continued to be throughout her life. One son she somehow managed to get his high school education in Westminster, and achievement in the class rigors of Great Britain.

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