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Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Gooey Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Lemony sour cream cake swirled with a mix of fresh blueberries and blueberry jam. A layer of brown sugar streusel throughout the middle of the cake creates a perfectly gooey center. This is such a delicious, perfectly moist, and light cake. Every bite is layered with fresh berries, jam, and hints of lemon. Finish this coffee cake with a honey lemon glaze that’s unique and delicious. It’s simpler to make than you’d think, and so pretty!

weeknight tomato soup

While this is not the Smitten Kitchen’s only tomato soup — there’s one with roasted summer tomatoes capped with an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich in the archives, and further back, a classic cream of tomato soup adapted from Cook’s Illustrated — neither are this: a seasonless tomato soup I can make on any rainy day, along with the nonnegotaible grilled cheese sandwiches, in under an hour. Both of the archived recipes have their charms

16 Dinner Recipes That Are Perfect for a Date Night at Home

16 Dinner Recipes That Are Perfect for a Date Night at Home

Corn dogs

Make these classic American fairground snacks for parties, and serve with your favourite condiments

How to Make Peppermint Walnut Whipped Cream

As winter breezes its way in and the days grow darker and cooler, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up to the warm fire with a steaming cup of hot cocoa topped with a delicious dollop of decadent whipped cream. For those seeking a dairy-free cream to top off your hot cocoa for the holidays, your search stops here! Introducing our Peppermint Walnut Whipped Cream—a festive blend of flavors that will add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday treat.

5 Seasoned Walnut Recipes Perfect for Gifting

Are you searching high and low for the perfect holiday gift for the foodies and hosts in your life who seemingly have it all? Look no further: seasoned California walnuts are delightful and versatile treats that are bound to please even the toughest people on your list. Not only are these nibbles spectacular for gifts, but they are also a wonderful addition to your own holiday charcuterie board! We’ve gathered a roundup of our favorite seasoned walnut recipes that make delicious homemade gifts. There’s one for everyone to enjoy!

The Perfect Backyard BBQ Menu

As the weather warms, it’s likely you’re looking forward to summer BBQs, whether for Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, or just get-togethers with friends and family. To help you have the most delicious and eventful BBQ of the season, we’ve put together a list of mouthwatering summer recipes. When it comes to barbecuing, we tend to think about classic menu items such as burgers, grilled vegetables, and desserts with juicy summer fruits. Walnuts’ taste and texture make them a versatile ingredient that complements so many summer BBQ recipes. Walnuts are also a nutritious addition to your summer recipes, with an excellent source of essential omega-3 ALA (2.5g/oz).

3-Ingredient Plant-Based Walnut Cream

This Savory Walnut Cream is a velvety creation that’s rich and creamy, despite being dairy-free. It’s not just a condiment; it’s a combination of tantalizing flavors that brings your meals to a new level. We are excited to guide you through crafting this delicious cream, as well as inspire you with recommendations on how to pair it with an array of dishes. Savory Walnut Cream is a light, airy, plant-based, dairy-free cream that is incredibly easy to make. It can go perfectly with a variety of your favorite recipes, like soups, stews, casseroles, rice bowls, and more. It’s a splendid dairy-free alternative to heavy cream and sour cream. Let’s dive into how to make and use this fresh, delightful topping!

Must-Try Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

Thanksgiving, a holiday filled with gratitude and a myriad of traditions, wouldn’t be complete without its signature event: the feast. And at the heart of this delicious feast is the one dish, the pièce de résistance, that bridges cultures and generations: stuffing. Now, while we’re sure you have a treasured family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, we invite you to try a little tasty experiment that has proved to be absolutely mouthwatering: add a crunchy and delightful twist to your dish—with walnuts. That’s right: walnuts add an extra layer of flavor and texture to this classic side. California walnuts are renowned for their mild, earthy, and buttery flavor. They have an unparalleled texture, setting them apart as both a delicious snack and a prized ingredient for culinary creations, like stuffings. California walnuts are an ingredient that elevates flavors, captivates palates, and enhances each bite of what comes out of your kitchen. We’ve gathered a roundup of our favorite made-with-walnut stuffing recipes to add some delectable tastes to your festivities.

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